“The LORD is close to brokenhearted….” Psalms 34:18a

“Shabhar Lev” in Hebrew text. Lev means the inner self, that includes our emotions, mind and will.

What does this brokenheartedness means? In my perspective, brokenhearted may mean a lot. 

a. broken in spirit– you have a heavy heart because of SIN. Spiritual banckrupcy. You keep on repeating the sins you love and feel that you can’t get out of it. 

b. broken relationship – you got dumped by your loved one or she/he did something that broke your heart or hurt your feelings, we felt betrayed or cheated on

c. broken “pocket” (my own term)-financial problem. Sometimes, focusing much of yourself on money will pull you down 

When we are broken, our tendency is to go or draw near to God because we know that He’s the only one who can ease the pain we feel, who can unload our burdens and we can express who we are and what we really feel to Him and we can find our hope in Him. We are hoping that God will change our situation into something wonderful. We are from Him and for Him. When people are not the one you need, that’s the time we start talking to God. Right? It’s not good that God is our last resort when we want to be consoled.  It’s innate to humans that whenever we face hardships we call to God for help especially when brokenness strikes us. In Psalms 147:3, “God heals the brokenhearted”. Trust the one who can heal and do miracles in your lives.Shalom! 

photo by HOLY BIBLE, Bible app. 


Just A Day At Camaya Coast, Bataan. 

We keep on planning where to go, where to wander, where to eat and have fun but it seems like our plans always fail. We, Filipinos call it “drawing” if some plans were not fulfilled or came to reality. 

A message from a friend or co-worker unexpectedly came. She asked me to come along with them since her mom has a friend there. All I have to bring is myself.

First stop. On Luzon Ave., at my co-worker’s house. Sleep-over. Next was Kamuning, Cubao corner EDSA and our service was waiting to pick us up and bring us there.

It took us 5 hours to reach the destination but maybe riding a bus will took you longer. 

As we entered the gate, all we could see are portions of land, just plain. No houses have been built yet but there is one near the cost and it’s called “show house” 

It’s a place where the sea is overviewed. There are few rooms and a mini pool. 
Next, is the infinity pool. It’s near the sea. It is located at a higher place and is grassy. Reminder: you have to wear the right clothes in swimming. I am reminding you this because I wasn’t able to enjoy the pool. I brought the wrong clothes. 

I enjoyed the most is the beach. The sand, the band and the bond with the gang. There are a lot of activities to be done in the sea. Banana boating, kayaking, jetskiing and of course, swimming! 


Childhood memories

I am a late bloomer. Why? It’s because I had my menstruation when I was 14, Nov. 9, 2004 and I remember I still played with my sister who is 3 years younger than me until I had that blood. Hahaha. I never had a crush o admired somebody. It’s just that I was not into it, not interested. haha. I still remember the days when I had to pretend that I had fallen asleep so that my mom would go her way to bed and be in deep sleep. One night, we were caught playing outside by my oldest brother. We were scolded but unfornately my younger sister was the one chastened. Best memories are the ones with my younger sister, Paula and my cousin, Hannah. She is with the same age as mine. I’m days older than her like two weeks. Haha. We played mables or “jolen”, mini cards or “texts”, “patintero”, “tumbang preso”, “chato”, paper dolls, hide and seek and “bahay-bahayan”. We used to climb trees too. Our house is surrounded by different  fruit-bearing trees. My grandparents planted those trees and we are benefiting from it. At a young age, I learned to ride a bike and that’s an achievement for me because most of my friends right now don’t know or hadn’t have chances to learn how to ride a bike. As I kid then, I didn’t know why children are head over heels of eating “Alatiris”. It’s a kind of fruit, I think so, that is too small in size, red, orange and green in color and too sweet. Another memory when I was in grade school, I use to join quiz bees and other academic contest and eventually won. I joined a contest at chuch. It was Bible quiz bee. I ended up as a runner up and I couldn’t accept it and started crying. I felt like I was cheated on. I thank the LORD because I’m no longer a cry baby whenever  I lose. Losing is a part of life. Not all the time you’ll win but when you put your trust in God you’ll always win!   


College life.

I studied in a seminary in Don, Antonio Commonwealth. I took a four-year course, Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education. Actually, It was not my intention to take up that course. I was about to go to Aurora Province and study Education there. It was my sister’s suggestion for me to study there because she had been living there for 3 years already with her husband and son and my mom agreed. They thought that my sister would be my guardian since my mom wouldn’t be around. The problem was when we ask our head Pastor about my absence. She didn’t agree because I would be away for 4 years and how about my ministry? I have a commitment first, in the Lord secondly, in the church. I am worship leader, DVBS Directress (a one-week summer activity held every April or May), a choir member (a soprano), Team lead of Sunday school and Youth leader. Wow!! Those ministries are real blessings from the Lord. Our Pastora advised my mom to enroll me in a college nearby. At first, she didn’t mention that it’s a Bible school. She said that I could take Education there. In the back of my mind, I wouldn’t be away with my love ones. So I was partly happy. I just knew that it’s a Seminary when me and my mom went there to enroll. My school is a Korean missionary school. I enjoyed studying there together with my co-believers and because I just went to school on Fridays and Saturdays. I met my bestfriends there, Chelly Joson and Fola Marie Valeza, to name a few. I know God has good reasons why he’d allowed me to enter in a Seminary. God allowed me to teach English to Koreans while I was still studying. I earned money while studying and thru that I was able to help my parents too. Thanks to the Lord. One learning that I learned from Asia Harvesters College and Seminary is “Don’t let knowledge just be knowledge, apply it.”

Part two. 😘



I am Priscilla Ranola Balsamo. 25 years of age. I am raised and living in Fairview, Quezon City with my mom and dad together with my sister who has a son. She got pregnant at an early age. I grew up in a Christian family and studied in a Christian school when I was in elementary and college. In high school, I studied in a public school wherein I met Christian friends who were fond of playing guitar and singing “emo” songs. Hahaha 😀 When I reached 4th year high school, I entered another school in Commonwealth and finally graduated. It was never easy for me to finish but God was so gracious to me. I had asthma that was the hindrance to finish high school. I can proudly say that I’m totally healed by our great physician, Jesus. I am still blessed in everything I’ve been through. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ when I was in grade 3. My teacher who had been a second mom to me was used by God to be an instrument for me to know Christ deeper. I admire her for being a strong woman just like my mom. I love meeting people who are godly and love Christ more than anyone else. My mom, who is my spiritual adviser, teacher and the one who introduced Jesus to me is a manicurist by profession yet she can do many other things like cutting hair, can also do tutorials and she’s a preacher. I love her because she’s so strong unlike my dad. They’re opposite and opposites atttacts. Right? Haha 😀 My dad has been a driver since mom and he met. He’d been a taxi driver, tricycle driver, family driver and mayor’s driver. Now, he can’t do driving because of his eyes. He has now a poor eyesight. Mom kept on inviting and encouraging dad to come with us at church. At first Dad agreed and there was a time that he was active on attending church and even led us in prayers whenever we eat at home but the fire in his heart slowly vanished. He didn’t want to go to church and I’d never seen him prayed just like the old times. He would rather go to the mall and enjoy his day at the “Bingohan”. You all know that it’s gambling :/ And until now he’s still in his office. You know what I mean. In the family, I’m the fourth child among 5 siblings and the one who is not yet married. Hehe. Yeah, I like being single but I’m in a relationship for almost 7 years. Any plans to settle down? Well, maybe if I’d already helped my parents with their burdens (if they have) and if we (me and Jr) are financially, spiritually and emotionally stable. Whoooh, I didn’t realized that they are a lot of factors to consider but in the end I’ll still believe that it’s not about the money, I know love will keep us alive. Hahaha I’m just kidding. 😉 My hope is always in the Lord.

First part. 😘